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Under GST regime, registration is the foremost and the essential step for existing taxpayers as without registration they would not get GSTIN number which is a basic identity number of a taxpayer. Filling the correct details in registration form is necessary but, what if somebody entered wrong details or missed out some important fields?

To ease the hurdles, Rule 12 and Form GST REG 14 provides a way to correct the information without visiting any government office or centre. An applicant can correct some information and change the particulars without approval from any authority and some fields require approval but editing can be done online in both the cases. The amendments for GST registration are categorized into three, which describes the level of approval and time period to amend the fields. While applying for amendment in particular fields of a registration form, it is mandatory to mention the “Reasons” for amendment in GST registration process.

Three Types Of Amendments That Can Be Done:

Change In Core Field: The changes in Core field includes the legal name of the business, the address of the principal place of business, and any additional place of business. It takes 15 days to get approval from a proper office to amend the Core Fields.

Change In Non-core Field: There are some fields which don’t require any approval from a proper office and amendments in Non-core fields can be easily done online. All the fields except those, which are covered under core fields come under a Non-core field.

Change In Email Or Mobile Number: The change in email or mobile number requires a verification by OTP(One-Time Password) after online verification on common GST portal.

Eligible Applicant To Change The Registration Details:

The taxpayers under the following category can amend the registration details:

  • Normal taxpayers and new applicants
  • Changes in TDS/TCS registration for the person having UIN card and belongs to UN Bodies, Embassies & other notified
  • person
  • Non-resident foreign taxpayer
  • GST practitioner
  • Online application and retrieval service provider

The Fields Which Cannot Be Changed:

  • Any amendment to the details of PAN card cannot be done as GST registration is wholly based on PAN number
  • Change in constitution of business cannot be done as it requires change in PAN number on the first place
  • Modification in place of business from one state to another state cannot be possible as GST registration are state-specific

Apart from this, primarily authorized signatory can also be changed with the condition to add a new primary signatory. If the condition is not fulfilled, then changes in primary signatory are not possible.

Timeline For Amendment in GST Registration Process

In case of requirement of any modification in the GST registration, a taxpayer needs to submit the application with required documents for amendments on GST portal within 15 days. After GST REG 14 amendment form approval, the changes will be corrected in form GST REG 06.

The application for amendments of registration can be saved for 15 days. However, if an applicant fails to submit the application for any reason, the application for amendments will be removed automatically.